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News Fostering Inclusion and Wellbeing Through Intentional Design

As a leading developer of large-scale mixed-use communities, Best Life is redefining neighborhoods by putting wellness and inclusion at the forefront of our vision and design. More than just buildings and amenities, we craft spaces that support the multidimensional nature of health and wellbeing across generations and economic statuses.

Holistic Communities Centered Around Human Thriving

Our communities replace the homogeneity of modern suburbs with vibrant, diverse neighborhoods centered around human thriving. With a focus on accessibility, diversity, and welcoming residents of all ages, incomes, and abilities, our spaces facilitate connection and nurture lasting wellness.

From home layouts that enable multigenerational living to robust offerings in culinary arts, fitness, education, and more, Best Life makes it easy to pursue purposeful living. Our extensive trails connect distinct neighborhoods, each with unique architecture and landscape design. This integrated community experience encourages residents to gather, interact, and form meaningful relationships.

Accessible, Inclusive Design

Our developments begin with a commitment to equitable, accessible design that welcomes diversity. We ensure a percentage of units are wheelchair accessible and implement universal design features like wide hallways, easy-to-reach controls, and stepless entryways. Providing accessible routes to all common areas and outdoor spaces means residents of varying physical abilities can fully enjoy community amenities.

Affordable Options for All Incomes

We break the cycle of economic segregation by integrating mixed-income housing options at below-market rental rates. This attracts residents across socioeconomic statuses, creating vibrant, mixed-income neighborhoods. We collaborate with housing agencies to accept vouchers and offer micro-units, studios, and multi-bedroom units serving singles, couples, families, and multigenerational households.

Intergenerational Living

Best Life recognizes the value of multi-generational living, allowing individuals of all ages to thrive. By bringing seniors, families, and children together, we create dynamic communities that promote intergenerational bonds, provide support systems, and enhance well-being. Our amenities and programming specifically aim to nurture these inclusive, meaningful exchanges across age groups.

Culturally-Relevant Offerings

Thoughtful amenities make residents from diverse backgrounds feel acknowledged and welcome. We provide multi-faith prayer spaces, community kitchens for traditional cuisines, and flexible community rooms for varied gatherings and customs. Our wellness programming honors cultural traditions around mindfulness, movement, nutrition, and holistic living.

Equitable Growth Powered by Transformative Impact

The success of our first Best Life Communities nationwide is just the beginning. Driven by our human-centered approach and the transformative impact on quality of life, we have ambitions to bring wellness-focused living to more communities. Our collaborative partnerships with municipalities and financiers fuel scalable and replicable models for the future of joyful, connected neighborhood living.

The Ripple Effects of Inclusion and Wellbeing

Our thoughtfully designed communities have ripple effects that go beyond the boundaries of our neighborhoods. Residents take the inclusive mindsets, meaningful connections, and wellness practices cultivated in Best Life spaces and bring them into wider communities. This drives systemic change around inclusion and enhances well being more broadly.

As we expand, we remain committed to our mission of nurturing human potential through intentionally designed spaces centered around holistic wellness. Our neighborhoods become springboards for residents to live their best lives and catalyze positive impact across towns, cities, and society at large.

Experience the Best Life Difference

See how Best Life is bringing wellness and community to neighborhoods nationwide. Contact us today at to learn more and find your perfect place in one of our thoughtfully designed developments.

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